Past Featured Websites!

Katrina Information Network These are the people keeping track of all the aftermath of the hurricane, in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. If you have time or money to offer, or just want to educate yourself, this is a place to start.

I Can Has Cheezburger? Adorable pictures with ridiculous captions; sounds simple, but it is just entirely too funny.

United Hollywood: The official WGA writers' strike blog; a good summary of why they're on strike here. The writers deserve a far better deal than they're getting. And I hate that the intransigence of the AMPTP means that I will have to hear about the Iowa caucuses from someone other than Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, whose writers aired their feelings fabulously here and here (go watch those! now!). I really wish that TDS and TCR were returning to the air Jan. 7th voluntarily and with their writers. And I actually have nightmares about Battlestar Galactica not returning for its final half season (...yes, I am a total geek...). So here's hoping the AMPTP gets its head on straight, and soon..

Cute Overload. In a bad mood? Sick of just hearing about bad news? Want to look at something other than the President's ugly visage? Cute Overload has the site for you.

BookCrossing. A repeat, but then it's worth repeating. Set your books free, and see where they go!

Longmire Does Romance Novels. Keeping with this week's book theme, these are real romance novel covers with, well, creatively "re-imagined" titles. And they are hilarious.

WWL TV. A New Orleans station that a New Orleans-based colleague of mine says has the best local coverage. They have a Hurricane Katrina blog, and these days most of their other stories are also about the hurricane and its aftermath.

Because even in the face of disaster, a good laugh is worth a lot, I do have a fun website this week: Stuff On My Cat. Their motto is "Stuff + cats = awesome," and the pictures bear this out. Cat with nine pillows on it? Cat holding Playstation controls? It never ceases to amaze me how many things cats just don't care enough about to move - or even wake up.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. These women are just really cool - witness the activities of the Raging Grannies, members of their Tucson chapter.

Black People Love Us! This site is hilarious. (And yes, it is satire, though apparently, not everyone gets that...) It features a white couple - Sally and Johnny - who like to brag about how many of their best friends are Black, and how much Black people just love them! It's very funny and very smart, and we've all met at least one person who's like Sally and Johnny and, sadly, isn't satire...

BookCrossing. This is my latest obsession: Set your books free, and see where they go! It's a great idea, totally free, and it's a thrill when someone catches a book you've released - or when you find someone else's book. Plus, releasing a book is much better karma than selling it. Go there, pay it a visit, and if you like, check out my bookshelf - if there's something you like, I'll happily mail it to you, and all you need to do is become a bookcrosser once you get it!

You Have B.O.! Allow me to quote: "Welcome to, the Internet's premier BO Notification service. [Which, of course, raises the question: How many of these services are there?] Have you got a coworker who stinks like ass? A friend who really needs to take a bath?...but you don't know how to bring it up? is for you." And before you laugh it off, I've worked in an office where we really could have used this...

Sydney Morning Herald. One of my favorite online news sources, this Australian newspaper does far better reporting on the United States than any major U.S. paper does. And, unlike most U.S. papers, it also covers countries other than the United States! Amazing.

Patent of the Week. Not just crazy ideas, but crazy ideas that someone went through the trouble to patent. "Strange, interesting, bizarre, inexplicable, wacky, useful, and sometimes just plain perverted patents, issued from the U.S. and around the world" - the one up right now is what they're called, with true Christmassy cheer, "the horned demon tree of death." Yet another weblog, this one features a very entertaining daily poll in addition to news of the world. Bob Harris was a guest blogger on Tom Tomorrow's site, and now he's got a site of his own.

International House of Logorrhea. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter (or sewer) - logorrhea is an unstoppable flow of words, ok? This site indexes strange and unusual terms, like buck-and-wing or saburrate. Impress your friends! Confound your enemies! And beat 'em all at Scrabble!

This Is Not Over. A political blog brought to you by some of the folks behind Television Without Pity, which makes this your one-stop shopping site for both snark and politics.

The Euphemism Generator. Now you'll never run out of colorful expressions to sprinkle casually into conversations. As the website promises, this site is "endless fun." In fact, to quote the Euphemism Generator on my first visit, "the last time I had this much fun, I was breaking the raisin."

Climate Studies Point Toward More Flooding in this Century. Get prepared, y'all, and buy flood insurance now, because the way we're playing fast and loose with pollution is comin' right back around to bite us all on the ass.

After the floods. "This is the story of a very stupid man who, having always lived in cities or suburbs, has not the slightest fucking clue what the awesome forces of nature are, never mind how to address them with the any wit or grace." My little bitty not-even-a-full-foot flood pales in comparison.

Common Cause VoteWatch Election Monitoring. This election promises a breathtaking array of attempts at intimidating and harassing voters, particularly in African American and Hispanic neighborhoods. Volunteer with Common Cause to keep an eye on the polls and intimidate would-be intimidators. Can't be at the polls in person? Take a moment, in the comfort of your own home, to call a voter or two and encourage them to go to the polls. VoterCall focuses on mobilizing young, low income and minority voters.

NARAL. Donate to the National Abortion Rights Action League. There are tons of worthy causes out there, and this is only one of them; if you donate by Oct. 29, your donation is doubled.

This American Life. If you've never heard this radio program, you are seriously missing out. If you've heard it, here's your chance to catch up on episodes you've missed. Ranging from hilariously funny to deeply moving, this program is always thought-provoking and is an eloquent argument for why radio remains an important medium. If you've never heard it before, why not start with my two personal favorite episodes: Music Lessons (2003), and The Cruelty of Children (2000).

Random Kitten Generator. What it says is what it does: generates, at random, a picture of a terribly cute kitten, for your viewing and cooing pleasure. Sure, this is perhaps not the most fun as you can possibly have on the web, but it sucks me in every time. Found Photos, Free Pie. Yep. Found photos. Doesn't sound that exciting, does it? Except that there's something about other people's photos, lost and picked up by a total stranger, posted wholly out of context, that is weirdly compelling. If you don't believe me, just go give it a look. And if you still don't believe me, hey, suggest a new site of the week! Don't try this at home. Unfortunately for this site's author, he had to, well, help out his cat's impacted bowels. Fortunately for us, he has a sense of humor, and lovely drawings to accompany the story. And perhaps I should mention the site's disclaimer: "No animals were harmed in the creation of this web page. All of us, however, were humiliated and demoralized by the actual events that inspired it. Everything worked out okay, though."

Storytellers: Native American Authors Online. By far one of my favorite online resources, Hanksville's Storytellers pages offer a stunning array of information and links on Native American writers. Browse it, or check out my personal favorite: Luci Tapahonso's interview where she reads her poem "Hills Brothers Coffee" - the link to the Realaudio file is right under the link to the poem's text.

The Definitive Website of Dykes to Watch Out For. If you've never read the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, you've been missing out. Drawn by the talented Alison Bechdel, this strip has been around since - gasp! - 1983. It's funny as hell, socially critical, and just damn enjoyable.

Freedom to Marry. There are a lot of organizations working for gay marriage, all worthy of our support; this is only one of them, but I really like their site. They offer an overview of recent news articles (both national and international), general information, and ways to get involved. Go give 'em a visit - and while you're there, consider giving 'em a donation, too...

Jesus's General. General J.C. Christian, Patriot (and "a 10 on the manly scale of absolute gender"), runs this website, and he has a brilliant, satirical command of the rhetoric of the radically Christian right. In fact, his rhetoric is so good that he's at #14 in a list of the Top Christian Websites. That - much like his site - never fails to crack me up.

Michael Moore's Website. Because Fahrenheit 9/11 is the #1 movie in America this weekend and the top-grossing documentary of all time. Yes, he's a polemical rabble-rouser - and that's why we love him.

Piled Higher and Deeper. This comic strip deals with the trials, tribulations, and titillations of the Ph.D. grad student lifestyle. It's damned entertaining, and I bet it's given at least one person - the author - a reason not to finish his dissertation...

Indian Country Today. Most Americans - heck, most people - don't know nearly enough about the issues affecting Native America. This is one of the largest newspapers focused on Native American issues, and especially in an election year, it's worth it for everyone to know what those are. (Also, coming soon, a column on why non-Native people should support sovereignty.)

Marshmallow Peeps: Harbingers of Doom for the Human Race? Oh yes, it's another Peep website, and apart from its incredibly irritating format (that background really has to go), this one's grand. Anything that uses a close reading of W.B. Yeats's poem "The Second Coming" to prove that Marshmallow Peeps are, well, harbingers of doom, is brilliant as far as I'm concerned.

Spamarama. What? Huh? Yes, Spamarama. An Austin tradition that calls itself "The Original And Still the Greatest Potted Pork Party on the Planet" - which makes me wonder, are there other potted pork parties around? Anyway, it's this weekend in Austin, my mom's in town, and we are so there.

No Capital. After some prodding from me, The One And Only has finally turned his political rants productive and started a weblog. I've really been enjoying this, and I think I would even if I wasn't in love with the author. But hey, check it out for yourself and see! ("No Capital: Because the invisible hand is giving you the finger." Heh.)

An American Peep in Paris. Oh yes. In the grand tradition of Marshmallow Peeps Theater, this show takes the Peeps on the road. And one of these days, I really will put my peeps enthusiasm in the right place and do what I've been threatening: Dances with Peeps.

World66 Travel Guide. My favorite part of this site is that you can create a map of countries, US states, or Canadian provinces you've visited. It's a fun way to spend some time. I suppose you can also check out their travel offerings, but the maps were the big draw! (Mine are here and here.)

We like the moon. (Caution, link has sound.) This past week, we've developed a totally unhealthy and completely incomprehensible fascination with those dead-mice-looking-things in the Quizno's ads. Here's the original song that the ad was based on. These things are gross and kind of disturbing and yet it totally cracks me up and I really can't even explain why. (Except maybe: Puffins! Marmots! Dirigibles and zeppelins!) Justly Married Photos. A photo gallery from San Francisco's city hall that captures the spirit of the past week for those of us who weren't lucky enough to be there in person. Check out the Justly Married poster, too; proceeds support efforts to stop the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from 1974. Frankfurter Spectacular? Jellied Tomato Refresher?? Fluffy Mackerel Pudding??? The author found all these recipe cards and more in her parents' basement, and while they'd be pretty damned amusing on their own (you'd be surprised at how funny a picture of Mousse of Salmon is), she also offers commentary that had me cracking up. Go and let yourself be inspired by Inspiration Soup.

Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated. This book documents some of the many posters the anti-war movement has come up with in the past year or so. We're ordering our copy this week; if you want to buy a copy for yourself, or as a great gift for your favorite progressive activist, you can find it here at The editor is the brother of a friend of mine, and I know that he's put nearly all his financial resources into making this book, but that's not the reason you should buy it. It's an important and timely document. I'm putting my money where my mouth is and ordering a copy, so please take a look at it.

My Cat Hates You. Heh. Cranky cats who hate you. There's no way in the world this should be as entertaining as it is, but... it is.

Bring them home now. People with loved ones in the military have been organizing against the war (often with the support of their military loved ones); this homepage, as well as Military Families Speak Out, describes their opposition to the war their relatives are stuck in.

The Secret Diaries of the Fellowship. A must-read for any Lord of the Rings fan, these are the brainchild of one Cassandra Claire, about whom I know little except that she is obviously quite funny. A sample, from the journal of Aragorn: "Ringwraiths killed: 4. V. good. Met up with Hobbits. Walked forty miles. Skinned a squirrel and ate it. Still not King." Very entertaining - and be sure to read them in order! (And if you enjoy them, follow the link at the bottom of the page to the originals, which are different.)

2004 American Presidential Candidate Selector. Unsure which of the many Democrats are right for you? Want to know how much you really agree with GW? Try their 16-question test, which is pretty well designed. My candidate matches? Al Sharpton at 82% and Dennis Kucinich at 79% (the latter has been my favorite so far). Lieberman, no surprise, a mere 41%, and good ol' GW came in at just 8%.

The Poetry of D. H. Rumsfeld: Recent Works by the Secretary of Defense. What the heck is Rummy talking about at all those press conferences? What sense is he making? Here's your answer: All this time, the man's been speaking in verse.

The Covers Project. I'm warning you: this is a timesuck, and in the best possible way. The Covers Project has made it its goal to provide a complete index of songs and who covered them. Look up songs, artists, or key words - or find the longest chain. Why can you spend hours here? Well, did you know Corey Hart, the Smashing Pumpkins, Mojo Nixon, Keith Richards, and Willie Nelson all have covered "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"? Mm hm, I didn't think so. Do you know Ring of Fire is not originally by the incomparable Johnny Cash, and that there are a good 20 covers of it, including by Frank Zappa? Yeah. Go. Have fun. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Holiday Blights. Just in time for the festive season, Ape Culture presents evidence of festivity gone rather wrong. Don't miss the follow-up, Keeping Up With The Clauses, which portrays more evidence of why some people should have their electricity cut off - and why the U.S. uses more power than any other country...

National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. It reads like satire, but as far as I can tell, they're for real, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. They have Fun Hot Dog Statistics and - be still my heart - brochures on National Hot Dog Month for you to print out and enjoy.

Garner's Usage Tip of the Day. Yeah, so it doesn't sound sexy, but it's a useful little site with daily tips on grammar and usage. A new one daily! Woo!

What, the grammar wasn't fun enough for you? Fine. Litterboxcam! Somebody out there spent money on a webcam so they could film... their cats, using the litterbox. You think I'm kidding? And I'll bet they get more visitors than this site does! Another one of the journals I read regularly (or which I don't read for a while just so I can read a bunch of entries all at once), this is a great place to spend some time - and also some money, if you want: she's led efforts to get the Oakland public library some much-needed books. She also has a weblog, but - call me old-fashioned - I like the journal better.

Despair, Inc. Those talented people who brought you the Demotivator poster series ("Apathy: If We Don't Take Care of the Customer, Maybe They'll Stop Bugging Us"; "Underachievement: The Tallest Blade Of Grass Is The First To Be Cut By The Lawnmower") have a wide range of products and disservices for you to choose from. Hey, the gift-giving season approaches... and this is particularly perfect if your office will require you to participate in some sort of office gift affair...

National Novel Writing Month. Ever wanted to write a novel? Think you can write one in a month? Why not give it a shot! Look at it this way: What have you got to lose? Sure, it's one week into it, but that gives you an excuse in case you don't make it! Patriotic Posters. is a fabulous little site, and their patriotic posters are just the thing. Raise political discourse in your office with these babies! "Howard Dean eats kitten fetuses!" "I'm fighting for Whitey!" And more - there's something for everyone!

BookCrossing: Free Your Books! This is a great idea: Set your books free, with a sticker identifying them as BookCrossing books. The finder follows the sticker directions, logs onto BookCrossing, and enters information into the book's journal there... and later sets it free again. You can trace your book's journey, or even hunt books others have set free...

Hobbit Name Generator. As the Lord of the Rings hype heats up again (less than two months to the Return of the King premiere!!), don't you want to know what your Hobbit name would be? There's also an Elven name generator you can access through this page, but I find the Hobbit names more entertaining (Bungo, for example).

Vischeck. So you don't know what being colorblind looks like - but this browser does. Designed as a tool for website creators, this is pretty neat. You can pick any URL, and select one of three types of colorblindness for your browser to simulate. Geeky, but neat!

Error 404...No Such File... If HAL were a server, and more passive-aggressive, he might sound something like this. It's pretty entertaining - watch the whole thing if you have time.

There's a Fly in the Honey. I've been reading a few online journals recently, and this one is fairly new and a really good read. The woman writing it is in Austin as well, so the locations are sometimes familiar. Anyway, it's solidly written and an enjoyable way to spend your time, so if you're wondering what to do with your time at work, go take a look!

The Stupid Store. Got a birthday coming up and not sure what to buy the birthday kid? Got a hankerin' for a Mr. T Chia Pet? (I do, but at $19.99, they're a bit too expensive for me!) Is your life incomplete without a Pig Catapult? Then this is the place for you. (Their Egg Separator is a also disgusting kitchen addition not to be missed.) Go. Have fun.

Johnny Cash, 1932-2003. Johnny Cash, one of America's all-time great musicians, and a man with a passion for social justice, passed away this week. The New York Times had a four-page obituary and tribute to the Man in Black that is worth the time it takes to register for the site (free). It makes me nostalgic for the old Jack's bar in Albuquerque (since closed and remodeled), where the seats were red vinyl, the floor was better not looked at, and the jukebox played Cash more often than not.

Talk Like a Pirate. Well, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and so what better way to celebrate than to figure out why the hell you'd want to talk like a pirate? And while you're at it, why not get some pirate advice? Very entertaining.

Talking Points Memo. This is a very thoughtful, provocative site written by a guy with a good understanding of policy (and pretty good access to policymakers, it seems). While I don't always agree with him, he's very insightful and always worth reading.

Salamander Feeding Movies. Huh? Yes, it really is salamander feeding movies. "This website gives a sampling of the diverse feeding strategies used by salamanders." Think that's not exciting? You're wrong. And it's addictive. Just watch one and see what happens. For example: "The tongue is projected to about 40 % of body length in 6 milliseconds." WHOA! Pick and choose, or watch 'em all!

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online. OK, yes, I'm a geek, but this is really cool, and a more interesting place to spend your online time than at Yahoo Games. It contains accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court from 1674 to 1834. I love their "On this day..." feature, which singles out one court case for focus each day. It's a well designed site, and pretty damn fascinating.

International Air Guitar Championships. With some great pictures. It seems to be serious, which just makes you realize how long those Finnish winters really are. And yes, this Friday, Aug. 29th, 2003, there's a live stream of the actual world championship as it happens. Who could ask for more?

Listening to One's Ancestors: An Interview with Witi Ihimaera. Ihimaera, whom you may know as author and associate producer of The Whale Rider, is an extraordinary author and activist. In this interview, from 1992, Ihimaera discusses Maori literature and language, his writing career, and much more. Go read it.

Turn into a Cabbage! "How many times have you stared mournfully into the coleslaw and thought 'Gee, I wish I was a cabbage,'" asks this website. With their very own Cabbage Converter, you can stop wishing and start acting!

Destination New Zealand. Where I am now! With my trusty Lonely Planet guidebook - although it didn't even list my Wellington hostel or the cheap-yet-fabulous hotel in Rotorua...

Aardman Animations. Have you seen the Wallace and Gromit movies? If not, go rent them now, and come back later. Nick Aardman is the animator for that fabulous beyond-claymation duo (he also did Chicken Run); the website offers a link to some short films online, which has got to be a good way to kill some time!

Modern Drunkard Magazine. Feature articles and fun facts for the, eh, modern drunkard! Well, someone's got to get on that niche market!

Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies. Yep. Buffy Studies. It's probably less fun than it sounds, but if you want some in-depth analysis of the show, or just want updates on when the next international academic Buffy conference is being held, this is the place for you. Some of the articles are pretty interesting, but then, I'm an academic too.

God Hates Figs. "How long can we ignore the mountain of evidence that figs are corrupting our culture? We as a society must stand up now to oppose this fruity scourge before we find figs in our classrooms, in our church picnics and even on our television screens! The cultural elite is determined to shove figs down our throat, and we must be equally determined to oppose the figgy tide." Go read. Enjoy.

Television Without Pity. Missed your favorite show last week? Don't have HBO but are dying to know what happened on Six Feet Under? Desperately seeking a copy of this week's Buffy episode? Well, TWOP is the place for you. Featuring bitingly funny blow-by-blow recaps of shows as well as forums to discuss them, there are few better places to waste - er, spend your hours on the web.

They Fight Crime! Odd how such a basic concept can be so entertaining.

Urban Legends Reference Pages. Want to know whether there's really a bill in congress that will tax e-mails? (No!) Or if Bill Gates really will give you money for forwarding an e-mail? (No!) Want a good way to tell the person to send you that e-mail that they are, well, off base? offers a fabulous reference site for all those hoax e-mails - send their researched information back to the person who sent you the hoax (or better yet, "reply to all"), and start getting people to stop forwarding e-mail hoaxes! (I swear I already had this site up here, but my archive tells me I'm wrong.)

Lord of the Peeps. In the grand tradition of Marshmallow Peeps Theater, Lord of the Peeps offers a film you know and love... reenacted with sugary, bunny-shaped marshmallow candies. Entertainment at its best!

This Modern World. Yeah, it's been a Website of the Week before - but Tom Tomorrow's weblog is where I get a lot of my news - and a lot of my links in this week's column. You may know him from his weekly comic strip This Modern World, which is a damn fine strip - and speaking of strip, now you can get his characters on a thong if that's what your heart desires....
And since that's a repeat, here's another one:
Ted Rall's homepage. Another cartoonist, Rall is my favorite daily (well, more or less daily, anyway) editorial cartoonist ever. He's also written several books, and he's been a guest recently on Bill Maher's new HBO show, and boy, Ted Rall can talk some serious sense. I was already a big fan before I saw him on the show, but now, damn - I'm almost ready to start a fan club. Helping America Prepare for Fiery Death. Have you seen the government's panic - er, I mean, preparedness site? This is a great spoof of that site, featuring helpful advice to go along with the government's graphics, like "If deadly radiation knocks on your door, do not answer."

Lonely Planet's Guide to New Zealand. I found out in December that I got a grant to do research in New Zealand - so I'm extremely excited! But whether or not you're planning to actually travel, the Lonely Planet is a wonderful place to go on a vacation in your mind while you look like you're sitting at your desk at work...

Janet Reno is Hot. Who knew? Apparently there's a whole bunch of lesbians out there (ok, maybe 3) who think Janet Reno is the world's gift to femmes. The weirdest thing about this site is the fact that it's serious. No, really - they mean it! (Thanks Audra!)

Michael Have you seen Bowling for Columbine yet? You should. It's a rare movie - thoughtful, complex, funny, in a style similar to Moore's classic Roger and Me, but much tighter. Go see it if you get the chance. And go check out Mike Moore's website, where he writes commentary and, in "Mike's Office of Homeland Security," provides updates on action alerts around the country. He's fighting the good fight, folks, so check out his site.

Shocking Bible Verse Products from Landover Baptist Church. Landover is a send-up of the fundamentalist Christian right wing, and their "Shocking Bible Verse" products are a must-buy Christmas gift for anyone who believes that the Bible was meant to be taken literally. Or for anyone who shops at last week's weird website, the George W. Bush Online Store...

Neal Pollack: Tomorrow's Opinions Today. Pollack is considered by some to be the paragon of the weblog genre. He's, well, offbeat and funny, and an interesting way to keep on top of the news. Or sort of.

The George W. Bush Online Store. This is truly terrifying. Do you really want leather "W '04" coasters to show off your poor judgment in trademarked style? Browse the pages for freaky purchase possibilities.

The Lonely Planet. One of my all-time favorite sites to spend more time than I should; I've actually been doing research there for my grant budget. Their travel bulletin boards (The Thorn Tree) are fabulous, they've got tons of info about anywhere you want to go (and many places you don't), and I love it because you can surf and dream about going somewhere totally new and different.

Herd of Sheep. "The News Shepherd for News Sheep." Again, more funny than weird. (Maybe I need to rename this portion of the site?) A fabulous news satire site. Maybe it's best described as Britain's answer to The Onion, and a great way to procrastinate. [Note: Sadly, this site is no longer functional.]

The Return of Navajo Boy. Just saw this movie again today, and it's still an incredible film. A documentary about a Navajo family who were in dozens of movies and magazine photos, and who never saw most of those pictures... until one man decided to return some. It was made with the family's input, and they introduced it when it was premiered at Sundance. Read about it, and then find a way to watch it - buy it, rent it, or convince your local library to get it so you can watch it.

Squirrel Hazing. Ever wondered why squirrels run in front of cars? Wonder no more.

Maori Language Commission. This is a really cool website, and not only because it's available in both English and Maori. It's got resources on the history of the language, online Maori dictionaries, and it's a fun way to procrastinate even if you're not doing your dissertation on Maori literature!

Texans United Against Grey Aliens. Or, what happens when Texans have too much time on their hands.

A resistance to the disease of thought. The editor of Harper's Magazine, Lewis Lapham, on coverage of 9-11.

Origami Boulders. Yes, you read right. Origami boulders for sale, right here! Lots of stuff on this site, especially the "Letters from dumb dumbs" pages. Works well for procrastination. Media Watch. In a time when CNN admits to employing officers from the U.S. Army's psychological warfare division to help run its news division, the U.S. media is in dire need of watchdogs. Well, watchdogs not affiliated with the military, that is. is one of them.

The Postmodernism Generator. Want to write an article that sounds like what I quoted in this week's essay? This random postmodernism generator will help! (Thanks, Aaron!) on Phil Donahue. Phil Donahue, icon of 70s and 80s talk show TV, is back. Why? Because he was concerned about the right-wing dominance in talk TV. And for those of us on the left, the show is a fabulous breath of fresh air. He's had folks like UT's own professorial radical Bob Jensen and old-guard socialist-utopian Studs Terkel on. Read the article. Watch the show. Don't make me come over there and make you.

Republican Speech Generator. Not so much weird as funny, this allows you to create great, authentic-sounding Republican speeches. Fun and profit for the whole family!

Sun Dragon Martial Arts. Yeah, this was up last week, but what if you missed it? This is where I do Karate, so this is important! It's a fabulous place, and I've learned a lot there - about Karate and about myself.

Furniture Porn! OK, if you've got your monitor where someone else can see it, you might want to wait on clicking here - it's done up just like a porn site. Except that it stars, well, patio furniture. "Hot all chair action! All amateur seating!" You know you want to click it, baby...

A Monkey With A Shillelagh... OK, I'm going to out myself as not just old, but also a geek. Remember the old computer games, the ones without graphics, where you just had to type in one of a recognized set of phrases? "Look around." "Pick up stick." "Go left." Remember Beyond Zork? No? Well, read this anyway. And I know at least Daniel will be entertained.

Tom Tomorrow - This Modern World. This Modern World is one of the best political cartoons out there; you can find it and much much more on this here site.

Marshmallow Peeps Theater. This is pretty damn funny. I'm glad some people have too much time on their hands. If ever I should teach Shakespeare, I'm so using this version of Romeo and Juliet as a teaching aid.

Spy on your Neighbor! Yes, that's right, the U.S. government hopes to convince one in every 24 citizens to spy on their neighbors. For the record, that's a much higher percentage than the East German secret police. Didn't know about it? That's because the U.S. media doesn't like to rock the boat. The Sydney Morning Herald reported it, though.

Dukes of Hazzard Sound Archive. Um, I don't quite know why you would want to, but someone has collected "34 .wav files and counting" of Dukes of Hazzard sound bites. Boy, does that take me back to fourth grade... boy, did I lack taste.

Kyokushin Kata. Kyokushin is the style of Karate that I do; this site has some cool videos of some of our forms, and a great explanation of what, exactly, a kata is.

Bunny Survival Tests. The bunnies - marshmallow bunnies, that is - strike back. Apparently, the marshmallow bunnies were quite upset about the marshmallow peep research page. So they conducted their own experiments...

"What to a slave is the Fourth of July?" 150 years ago, Frederick Douglass gave a speech about the Fourth of July. It is worth reading, and still - rather depressingly - a propos today.

KFC: Kremlin Fried Chicken. A very entertaining parody of both fast food culture and Marxism - two great tastes that go great together, apparently. "A spectre is haunting the world — a spectre of moist and meaty chicken..."

Pictures from this Tuesday's South Korean World Cup victory. In one of the most incredible - and well-deserved - upsets in World Cup history, South Korea advances to the quarterfinals by beating Italy in overtime. Here, pictures of the team and the fans.

Why do pigeons bob their heads? OK, I'll admit it: I've always wondered about why the heck pigeons bob their heads when they walk. Here are not one, not two, but three theories as to the reason.

Lonely Planet: Guide to the World Cup. Yes, I love the Lonely Planet guidebooks and websites. This is their guide to what's up with the Cup.

Lonely Planet Guide to Seoul. Here's the city where I'm spending the vast majority of my time in Korea.

I'm Changing the Climate: Ask Me How! This site is dedicated to promoting the "tagging" of SUVs with bumper stickers that proclaim "I'm changing the climate - ask me how!" I must say, I applaud their efforts. And the bumper sticker design can be downloaded from the site. Um... have you ever wanted to see lots of pictures of "bald men who can't accept it"? Me neither. But evidently someone has, and here it is. Caution to those surfing at work: The index page has a brief sound bite.

You Grow Girl. As you may recall from the poison ivy essay, I do enjoy gardening. (Even after that poison ivy episode, I enjoy it - and yes, you still can see the scars...) This is a nice website with discussion forums and helpful advice on gardening for everyone from utter novices to my mother.

Nutella Worship Page. To be honest, I guess this isn't really that weird. Who wouldn't worship Nutella? Links to Nutella fan pages (international, of course), recipes and more...

Dialect translation. It's pretty entertaining. OK, some of this is kinda questionable... but it's also pretty damn funny.

Dschinghis Khan Research Page. The website fascinates me largely because while some of the information is in English, much of it is in Japanese (Sorcha, are you listening?), which seems an awful lot of trouble to go through for a bad German band (which is part of the subject of this week's column). They've even taken the trouble to translate the lyrics into Japanese.

The Canadian Agriculture Department has a really thorough website on poison ivy, but the fun bonus is that, it being Canadian, it's also available in French. And as a result, I now know that the very apt French name for poison ivy is "l'herbe à la puce." Which sounds about right...

The official homepage of the Eurovision Song Contest. The website itself isn't weird, but if you've ever seen the Grand Prix d'Eurovision (as it's called), you'll understand that the concept itself is weird. Picture the Village People, Blondie and a-ha competing at the pop music Olympics, and you'll be halfway there.

Marshmallow Peep Research. I found this link on TomatoNation, one of my favorite sites, and it was just too great not to pass on. If your scientific curiosity has ever extended to Marshmallow Peeps, look no further.

You've probably got some idea about how racism affects people of color, but here's the side that doesn't get as much press. Here are some thoughts on white privilege, by UT professor Bob Jensen.

Joss Wheton's Pride and Prejudice. Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Buffy with Pride and Prejudice? Me neither, but it's nice to know there are people out there with way too much spare time...

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