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Travel Journals and Photos

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In chronological order, starting with the most recent trip

U.S., January 2008

New Orleans, January 2008. What the Ninth and Seventh Wards look like, two years later. (28. Jan. 2008)

Dixieland. How could we forget that Texas was the CENTER of EVERYTHING? (22. Jan. 2008)

Farmersville, Illinois. Yes, that's right: It is every bit as foreign as Seoul or Rotorua. (15. Jan. 2008)


China, November 2003
Guest columns courtesy of my father,
a veteran China traveler

Communism and Ovary Maintenance: Travels in China. What Beijing looks like these days, and being Communist when you're making money hand over fist. Also, don't miss the collection of "English" signs. (12. December 2003)

Center for Adult Education, shut since Aug 2005


Aotearoa New Zealand:
July-August 2003
most recent essay first, for ease of reading!

Whalewatching at Kaikoura. Not just whales, but dolphins and seals and albatross, and an ocean ringed by mountains, made Kaikoura memorable. (7. November 2003)

Marlborough Country. Marlborough is the country's top wine-producing region, and we sampled... well, perhaps too many of the wines. (24. October 2003)

Farewell Spit and Pupu Springs. Yeah, so those both sound a little weird, but trust me, they're pretty amazing. Clearest springs in the world, and the tip of the South Island. (15. September 2003)

Pancake Rocks and More Water. Heading north from the glaciers, through the weirdly shaped Pancake Rocks and toward the northern tip of the South Island. (13. September 2003)

At Top Speed, The Glacier. The Franz Josef glacier is one of the most spectacular sights in New Zealand, and I've got the pictures to prove it. (10. September 2003)

Toward the Glaciers. Through the mountains and out on the other side, we headed toward the southern glaciers. (6. September 2003)

Across Arthur's Pass. And now, the South Island! After a brief time in Christchurch, we headed across the Southern Alps via Arthur's Pass. (28. August 2003)

The Quest for the Kiwifruit Winery. Aside from kiwifruit, Tauranga has little to offer - and kiwifruit wine is much harder to find than you'd think. Or maybe you would. (20. August 2003)

Rotorua, Culture. There's more to do in Rotorua than just wander the thermal wonderlands. (Although most of the other stuff also involves thermal wonderlands.) (10. August 2003)

Rotorua, Nature. Rotorua is one of the most touristed areas of New Zealand, and for good reason. (10. August 2003)

Thermal Wonderlands. And Prawns. Heading into the thermal regions around Rotorua, we found steam, waterfalls, and an abundance of prawns. (4. August 2003)

Mountains, Mountains, and - whoa! - More Mountains! After the River Road and a dead battery, we headed toward the spectacular Tongariro National Park. (26. July 2003)

River Road to Wanganui and onwards. My time in Wellington was up, at least for now; my friend, The Lawyer Formerly Known As Sarah, joined me and we began our trek across the North Island. (23. July 2003)

Wellington, Continued. A week's gone by, and I've finally gotten a chance to do some touristy things. (13. July 2003)

Day Three and Onward: Wellington. I'm parked here for a while, doing research at the National Library, so here are my initial impressions of the city. (9. July 2003)

Day Two: Auckland-to-Wellington Overlander. On my second day in Aotearoa New Zealand, I took a 12-hour train ride through some beautiful areas. (8. July 2003)

Day One: Auckland and Waiheke. My first day in Aotearoa New Zealand, with some very pretty pictures of Waiheke Island. (7. July 2003)

A whale, on its way back down into the depths, at Kaikoura

The Franz Josef glacier; link to the entry about the glacier.

The blue ice of the Franz Josef glacier

Champagne Pool at Waiotapu; link to the entry on Waiotapu

The Champagne Pool at Waiotapu, Rotorua

Picture of beach, link to article on the northern South Island

Near the northern tip of the South Island

Waiheke Island; link to the essay on Waiheke trip

Waiheke Island, in the bay by Auckland

England: May 2003

Geordies and Pubs and Sheep, Oh My! Travels in England. With pictures! (20. June 2003)

Pictures from England. What didn't fit in the essay. (20. June 2003)

Image of Newcastle subway mural; link to England entry

Threats and promises in Newcastle

Hawai'i: July 2002

On Exhibit. Making people into artifacts and tourists into participants makes some of us feel queasy. (14. August 2002)

Hawai'i!! It wouldn't have been my first choice for a vacation spot, but it probably should have been! (8. August 2002)

Pictures from Hawaii. More than what's in the essays. (2. August 2002)

Image of lava; link to Hawai'i entry

Lava flows, creating new parts of Hawai'i while we watched

Korea: May-June 2002.

Korean Food. Mmmm. One of my favorite parts of my trip was the food. Copious amounts of it. Mmmm.... (26. June 2002)

Pictures from Korea. Pictures other than the ones included in the essays above. (June 26, 2002)

Travels in the Demilitarized Zone. The border between North and South Korea is definitely one of the strangest places I've ever been. (19. June 2002)

Tie, Schmie! The US and Korea tied 1:1, but the view from the stands was a totally different one. I've never seen fans like this anywhere! (12. June 2002)

Dae Han Min Guk! Watching soccer in central Seoul with 50,000 of my closest friends. Part II of the Korea journals. (5. June 2002)

We're in Korea! First web journal from the trip to Korea. And yes, we're going to see the World Cup! (30. May 2002)

Picture of soccer ball lanterns in a temple; link to first Korea essay

Soccer ball lanterns for peace, in a Buddhist temple in Seoul


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