Detail of a house in the Changdokkung Palace complex

A walkway connecting the men's living space and the women's living space.

A pond in the palace's Secret Garden, so named because commoners were forbidden to enter it.

One of the houses in the palace complex; after seeing just one palace in Seoul, this architecture was already quite familiar.

A chimney next to living quarters. Koreans developed an ingenious heating system that heated below the floor; the chimney is coming out of the ground because that's where the heating system ran.

More houses in the palace complex.

Detail of the eaves. Most of the outdoor beams are painted. The perspective is slightly confusing, because it's taken up.

View through a gateway. All the palace walkways I saw were dusty ground; presumably, royalty was carried over them, keeping their feet and robes clean.

Another view of the Secret Garden.

Changdokkung Palace
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