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Past Featured Websites. Looking for a website previously under Website of the Week? Look no further - here's the complete list!

No Capital: Because the invisible hand is giving you the finger. The One And Only has a weblog, which I would read regularly even if he weren't my one and only. A leftist view of American and world politics - and he's really good at finding those stories that tend to get buried on page C47 but are actually very important.

Boondocks. The only daily political cartoon I try to read every day. - usually on target, sometimes mean, and often laugh-out-loud funny. Yes, ok, as political cartoons go, Doonesbury has been redeeming itself lately, but I still cannot believe that we were on the brink of war and all Garry Trudeau was writing about, for weeks, was the iniquities of beach access in Hollywood. I don't care if he was on vacation - that's just inexcusable. So, read Boondocks, and enjoy the snark. This site may require registration (sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't), but it's free. Also, Boondocks has a fantabulous animated show on Thursdays and Sundays on the Cartoon Network. Worth watching!

This Modern World. A Tom Tomorrow bonanza! A weblog that tracks political events underreported in the mainstream press, links to his fabulous cartoons, and the chance to buy a cartoon penguin thong. Who could ask for more??

Television Without Pity. Missed your favorite show this week? Want to know what you missed - or what snarky comments other people are making about it? This site is one of my absolute favorite places to spend time. And if you like it too, while you're there, give 'em a few bucks. They need the money, and there are worse places to put it.

Ted Rall. Probably my favorite editorial cartoonist. He's unabashedly cynical and has a good eye for spotting hypocrisies and the weak points in public debate.

Lonely Planet: The Thorn Tree. My absolute favorite site for getting and giving travel information. Caution: You may find yourself spending more time here than you intended!

black notes. Thoughts and reviews on African American art and culture, by my fabulously smart friend Jennifer. (sadly, she's stopped updating it.)

Tomato Nation. Don't miss The Vine, the TN advice column. In fact, it was advice in The Vine that led to me starting this site, so I've got a great debt to this site. Not to mention that going through all the archives is a great way to procrastinate...

Got a site you think I should add? Let me know!




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updated 12. September 2004