New Addition to the Family

Actually, we've had two family additions in the past week - my brother & sister-in-law had a baby!!! I'm an auntie!! it's very exciting!! - but these pictures are of the little kitten who's joined us since last Thursday (one day before my new and already incredibly adorable niece). Our kitten has no name yet. Also officially it is not yet our kitten, but is instead our foster kitten - much depends on our cats' reaction to it; as you can see below, Zora is somewhat skeptical.

Kitten pictures - page 2

Kitten pictures - page 3

Kitten pictures - page 4

The skeptical (foster) siblings

At this age, everything is fascinating.

It loves playing with hands!

Zora isn't sure what to think of this whole situation.

Sooooooo cute!

And such tiny paws!

If our phone stops working, we'll know why.

On the prowl, albeit still rather wobbly.

Already a pro at relaxing.

And at this age, everything is surprising, too.

Everything, but everything must be explored.


12. July 2005