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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly:
The Journals Section

In chronological order, most recent first.

Note that travel journals are now in the Travels section




Don't know where to start? Here are my personal favorites:

Who Will Be Your Jelly Rhino? Realizing that a-ha was not secretly sending out subliminal communist messages, and other lyrical confusion. (30. March 2008)
How Not To Get Published
U.S. Travels, Jan. 2008: Farmersville, Texas, and New Orleans. In the Travels section, so go check them out! (January 2008)

Spanish Borders

Happy. So, two years later, the whole Ph.D. thing works out; I love where I am, I love what I do, and...I'm happy! Weird. (1. January 2008)
Screw it. Buy the fez
Maybe My Mother Was Right After All. Was getting a Ph.D. really a good idea, in the end? (19. March 2006)


Free Your Books! Giving books away to strangers can be strangely addictive. (7. November 2005)
Shouting Against the Storm
Report from the Austin Convention Center. Culled from an e-mail I sent to my family after spending time working with Katrina evacuees at the Austin Convention Center. (15. September 2005)
Bad Music, and Why It's Good
Losing New Orleans. What hurts most about the losses of the last week is how many of them were preventable. (6. September 2005)
How To Be A Bad Houseguest
Disasters and Devastation. Last week Hurricane Katrina hit the Southeast, and the response to the disaster tells us a lot about discrimination in this country. (4. September 2005)
Flag Day
Meet Grammikins! We've just gotten a new - and incredibly adorable - foster kitten. Er, yeah. Foster. Right... (24. July 2005)
Christmas with the Atheists
Best Day of My Life. "When we walked off, married, we felt amazed at the community that had come together around us, and that feeling carried through the evening and is perhaps the most lasting impression of the wedding." (16. March 2005)  
The Tenure of Roosting Chickens. Academic freedom under attack. (3. March 2005)  
Motel Party, Dude!! ...eh, no... Two humans and two cats, living it up in the Motel 6. (5. February 2005)
Raising the Roof... er, House. We're packin' up and movin' out while a very able ex-rodeo clown balances our house a foot and a half in the air. (19. January 2005)  
After the Flood. I spent a lot of time thinking about what we lost, but I needed to remind myself about what we gained. (14. December 2004)  
Flooded. Five little words I hope never to hear again: "Our house is under water." (30. November 2004)  
Not Nader. Not Now. Yes, I voted Green in 2000. But I cannot imagine voting for Nader this time around. (27. October 2004)  
Fifteen Things I've Learned from Google, or, What Did You Look for to Find this Site? Because I evidently have nothing better to do, I spend some of my time figuring out what brings people to this site - apparently, fezzes and the Olsen Twins. (3. October 2004)  
Enormous, Nutty Roots, or My Epic Battle With the Pecans. Don't believe the hype: pecans are evil. And have ginormous roots. (12. September 2004)  
More Than Profit and Loss. Why Native American sovereignty should matter to more than just Indian people, and what it says about all of us. (12. August 2004)  
At War With the Next Generation (and no, I don't mean Star Trek). The fight for marriage equality is only one more breach of the generational contract. (4. July 2004)  
Sovereignty and Other Fairy Tales. People keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means. (27. June 2004)  
I Love Our Vet. Zora got really sick last week, but as our vet told us, she's a real sweet girl. Even though she cusses.  
Why Can't I Set Off the Speed Detector?, and Other Random Musings. The title says it all. (30. March 2004)  
Losing Sleep. OK, by the light of day, I probably have not lost the ability to sleep... but at 3 am, that and everything else starts to seem reasonable. (18. March 2004)  
"Marriage just doesn't seem worth it anymore," and other crazy ideas from the radical right. Because gay marriage threatens the very fabric of civilization as we know it. (28. February 2004)
San Francisco, I Love You! Suddenly, city officials are performing weddings for gay couples. Amazing! (22. February 2004)  
Things That Are Not My Dissertation. Essays like this one are probably why my dissertation committee gave me a talking-to about productivity last week... (15. February 2004)  
Mmmm. Food. Cooking is good, and not just because it's not writing a dissertation. (16. January 2004)  
Fiesta O' Random. Keeping my mind focused on my dissertation means I lack focus everywhere else. Like here. (13. January 2004)  
The Readers Strike Back, Part II. More voices from the readership. Surprise! Nobody likes Star Wars or Kevin Costner! (28. December 2003)  
The Readers Strike Back: More Bad Movies. Readers and friends write in with their worst movies. And lordy, but they're bad. (12. December 2003)  
And the Loser Is... My personal top ten list of the worst movies ever. And yes, I did once pay to see Breakin' II: Electric Boogaloo. (4. December 2003)  
Hooked...By the Nasty, Hooky Thorns! Somehow, I found myself watching The Thorn Birds last week on the WE. A journey into addiction. (20. November 2003)  
How To Be A Bad Houseguest. Or, How to Lose Friends And Irritate People. (14. November 2003)  
I Do, However, Draw the Line at EX-Treme Dating. The things I will do to get out of writing that paper... (28. October 2003)  
No Aura? After almost two years, it was time to change the name of the site to something pronounceable. (15. October 2003)
Mawwiage. After several decades' insistence I'd never get married, I got engaged this spring. I'm happy about it, but I've still got mixed feelings. (20. September 2003)
Aotearoa New Zealand Journals: In Travels section! (7. July - present, so go check them out!)
Come on, give in to the hype: Harry Potter rocks! I got the book Saturday morning. By Sunday morning, I was done with all 870 pages. (30. June 2003)
England Journals: In Travels section! (20. June 2003)
I'm Free This Tuesday... Sigh... Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended a few weeks ago, and now Tuesdays just feel...somehow off. (13. June 2003)
I Can't Get Smart Outta That. Understand the ways of cats? Surely you jest. (13. May 2003)
Democracy in Action. What you learn from a Senate committee hearing is nothing like what they told you on Schoolhouse Rock. (6. May 2003)
Silence = Death. OK, sure, maybe the protests won't stop the war from happening. That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep speaking out. (15. March 2003)
Christmas with the Atheists.We're not religious, my family, but Christmas at home is something I wouldn't miss. (17. January 2003.)
Screw it. Buy the fez. The trials and tribulations of holiday gift shopping, and a select guide to some fun places on the web to shop around... (10. December 2002)
Frybread power. Powwows are a lot of fun, and the food is fabulous. (Wish I'd remembered my camera!!) (4. November 2002)
Cursed. By the Devil. On a Tuesday. I knew I shouldn't have picked up the phone at 11:45 p.m. But now I know what a saddle stitcher is... (26. October 2002)  
Home Improvement for Fun and...Huh? Writing, schmiting. Give me a good bit of grouting any day. (18. October 2002)  
Zora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria. Or Something. She fears her dad and loves her scratching post. I shudder to think what Freud would've said about our cat. (3. October 2002)  
The Pursuit of Emptiness. Things I've learned while sitting and staring at a wall for forty minutes at a time. (18. September 2002)  
September 11. Not really a column. But an explanation of why there isn't a column this week. (12. September 2002)  
Reading, Writing, and the Reason I Do That. Every time the semester starts, I ask myself, "What the hell am I doing in grad school?" (4. September 2002)  
How Not To Get Published. Judging by their cover letters, some authors exist only to entertain others. They just don't realize it yet. (21. August 2002)  
The Hawai'i Journals: In the Travels section! (2. August - 14. August 2002)  
Spanish Borders. This past week, my mentor and friend committed suicide. There are no answers to the questions I want to ask. (31. July 2002)  
John Wayne is Not the Only Cowboy. Used to be I thought cowboys were scary. Just like Texas. Now I live in Austin and I've learned how to two-step. (18. July 2002)  
Flag Day. Some realtor stuck a flag on our lawn, but when I took it out, I found out what I'd lost along the way. (10. July 2002)  
What, to us, is the Fourth of July? What is there to celebrate about mindless patriotism? Hm, right - nothing, really. (3. July 2002)  
Korea Journals: In Travels section! (30. May - 26. June 2002)  
The Joys of Summer - Or Not. No more carefree days - now summer vacation means looking for a job to pay the mortgage. (22. May 2002)  
Tangible Proof of Evil. SUVs are safe? Only if you don't give a damn about the rest of the population. (15. May 2002)  
Losing It. You name it, I've probably misplaced it at least once. (10. May 2002)  
Pussywhipped. Yep, that's right. I can't say no to my cats. (1. May 2002)  
Blah, Blah, Birthdays. It was my birthday this week, and that's occasion for joy and melancholy, all at the same time. (17. April 2002)  
Fernweh. I love being at home, but I really miss being far away, too. (April 10, 2002)  
Bad Music, and Why It's Good. Maybe it's my German roots, but I dig bad music. (April 3, 2002.)  
The Ivy Must DIE. My friends went to Paris and New York. I spent my spring break scratching my itch. Caution: Icky picture! (March 27, 2002)
Shouting Against the Storm. If students can't seem to get beyond their prejudices, remind me again why I teach? (Mar. 20, 2002)
Allergy-O-Rama. Living - and wheezing - in the Allergy Capital of the World. (Feb. 20, 2002)
Insomnia sucks. Welcome to my life. The difference between "tired" and "sleepy." (Feb. 8, 2002)
I'll take the kitty in the corner. Why I love problem cats. (Jan. 16, 2002)
Berlin. Hated it. Loved it. In many ways, it's home. (Dec. 27, 2001)
The beauty of soccer - Whatever made me decide to write an academic paper on soccer? (Dec. 20, 2001)  
Procrastination - it's not necessarily a bad thing! (Dec. 6, 2001)
What I'm doing here (the first column) (Nov. 20, 2001)  

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