Pictures from England, May 21-June 1, 2003

Left: The path from New Mills to Hayfield
Right: Hayfield - and the first of many sheep!

The Castle that put the "Castle" in Castleton - 11th-century Norman Castle Peveril

Castleton, picturesque as all hell

11th-century Norman walls

The view from the castle down on Castleton

One of our many walks.

More scenes from walks - at right, the stiles by which you cross from field to field

This was the way to Disley, or so we thought...

But then actually, the way to Disley was along the canal.

More of the scenery

The church in Hope

The Torrs Park and the Torrs Millennium Walkway (oooh, ahhh!)

A sheep, playing coy for the camera

And the alert, attentive sheep

June 20, 2003

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