Feb. & Mar. 2002

You can hardly call them kittens anymore, but they'll always be kittens to me!

Ja, jetzt sind sie schon richtig groß geworden, aber sie bleiben meine Kleinen!

My dad made this scratching post for the cats for Christmas. It's now one of their very favorite things.

Zora adores the coffee table because the tablecloth hangs down to the floor and hides her if she's behind it. That way, she can be part of the action and still be hidden.

Because of how big and fluffy she is - and because she really does have a mane - we've taken to calling her "Poofmonster." She deals fairly well with that assault on her dignity.

Tista, on the other hand, much prefers to be in the middle of the action instead of hidden from it. The only hiding he does is in order to pounce out unexpectedly.

And given how much time he spends sleeping, it's not that surprising I managed to catch him in a yawn!

And here's Tista sleeping while Zora yawns (though it looks a little like she's laughing...). Like all siblings,
they fight on occasion, but fundamentally, they adore each other.

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updated March 27, 2002  

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