Die Kätzchen --- The Cats

On August 13th, we adopted two kittens - Zora, age 10 weeks, and Tista, age 5 weeks.

Tista wrestling with my Karate yellow belt. Not a link.
This is Tista, who wanted to join me in Karate. As soon as he was done eating... August/September 2001. Tista at the food bowls. Not a link.

Zora on a bookshelf. Not a link.
Here's Zora. She seemed more interested in books. Especially hiding behind them... August 2001.Zora behind the books in the bookshelf. Not a link.





Tista sittin' on the computer. Not a link.
Both of them seem to enjoy the computer, although Tista seems much more interested in its output...
Zora in the bookshelf, not behind books. Not a link.
Zora in the bookshelf, with the books she tossed out to make room for herself.
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