March Against War
Austin, TX, March 15, 2003

Why we should keep marching

Marchers in front of the Texas Capitol Building

Listening to Molly Ivins speak out against war

Some of the many anti-war signs: Anti-War Patriot; An Unjust War by a Man Without Honor; Stop Oil Wars...

Martial artists - and a dog - for peace!

Waiting for the march to begin

Gradually, the rally drifts off into a march...

For some reason, Austin anti-war organizers think it's a great idea to just hold speeches for hours before going anywhere. At the last march, the audience actually had to start chanting "Start the march! Start the march!" before the organizers got the message. Anybody ever hear of preaching to the choir? Not the most effective use of time - either for the preacher or for the choir.

The Texas State Capitol Building as it should be - covered in protesters.

The Texas State Capitol - which is, of course, ever so slightly bigger than the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

Marching down Congress Avenue

More of the ubiquitous "American For Peace" signs. Click here to find out where in Austin to get them.

Shutting down traffic on Congress

Some of the thousands of people at the rally

Heading toward the Congress Avenue Bridge

The only counterdemonstrators we saw. And I'll lay you dollars to doughnuts that a) they'll get as much coverage in the Austin American Statesman as we do, and b) they won't be doing duty in the Gulf anytime soon.

Veterans for peace...

...carrying flag-covered coffins.

The march nears its end on the Congress Avenue Bridge

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